Swiss precision, Italian style and creativity

The distinctive figures of Montrelux watches, real handmade pieces of art

The dress is Italian, the car is German, the watch is Swiss. And right in the heart of Chiasso, Canton Ticino, one finds Montrelux that was established in 2006 but is a family business whose roots reach back to the 1960s, when Giuseppe and Luigi Cavadini opened their artisan watchmaking shop. Today everything has changed, apart from the passion for the timeless wrist accessory and the high quality of the finished product. Led by brothers Matteo and Alessandro Cavadini, Montrelux is a company that assembles lots of watches a year and makes finished products.

Montrelux is actually able to satisfy niche customers who require high specialisation and flexibility:
two qualities that the Cavadini family has in abundance within its business. The key strength of the company is the manufacturing of finished products on behalf of third parties (its customer portfolio boasts some of the most well-known and haut-de-gamme watch brands in the world), and with time, Montrelux became aware of having a marked predisposition and professionalism that was perfect for taking the next step forward, that of design.

Based on the needs and budget of its clientele, Montrelux’s inhouse designers also study the watch starting from the initial sketches and the technical development, right up to the finished product. Swiss Made in watchmaking is a worldwide guarantee, a brand to be displayed in every corner of the globe. It is therefore no coincidence that the watches that come out of the Chiasso workshop are sold throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East and America.

In recent years, exports of the Swiss watch industry have increased in value but actually decreased in quantity, a clear sign that watches made in Switzerland are increasingly moving towards the luxury goods segment, thereby leaving the medium-low quality product to others. Montrelux adds that little bit extra to Swiss precision: it is the Italian tradition inherited from the paternal workshop in Como. “From Italy – explain the Cavadini brothers – we brought what we do best: dynamism, creativity, and style”.